“Your presence here is only a matter of conducting an experiment in limits, reminding yourself of what you aren’t.”
— Jay McInerney, Bright Lights, Big City
Places and people are inevitably connected. We all occupy some area of space. This relationship works in both ways: the places we inhabit do not just belong to us, but we also belong to the places. Living in a certain place makes us its inhabitants. It becomes our home. The place we are born into defines our nationality, our homeland, our citizenship. Through travelling, migration and other forms of displacement, the sense of belonging can undergo a change. We can create, lose and form connections to places as we ourselves change in relation to them.
Travelling is not just finding new places, it is also giving up places as we move. With each place we become familiar with, we also become able to sense its absence or distance from it. Depending on our emotional attachment it can manifest as a sense of nostalgia or estrangement. An intimate connection to a place can be achieved in many locations or lost completely.