New Media Art
The emergence of digital technology has not only changed the way create art, but the whole definition of illustration as such. The accessibility of Internet has reduced the circulation and consequently the amount of commissions for newspapers and books, yet on the other hand opened up a new field of work in the form of new animated and interactive media. Illustration can become a piece of concept art or an element of graphic design. It can be an object, a mechanism, a film or a photograph. It can be a drawing, an animation, or both — or something else entirely.
The possibility to film and animate illustrations has opened up opportunities for what is initially considered two-dimensional work. Adding motion and time to drawing results in animation. Filming the process of drawing makes it a performance. Unlike drawing, however, movies and animations are viewed rather passively — our point of view is fixed and guided along the route of the sequence of frames. This sort of ‘guided tour’ is similar to travelling by train: after entering the vehicle the scenery changes behind the window at a fixed rate and sequence until we arrive at the destination. Looking at a drawing is more like wandering by foot — with multiple possible paths to move across it.