The forms, methods and tools together with the whole definition of illustration have undergone great changes in the recent decades. It is now possible to create spaces and places in ways like never before. Yet despite this, our perception has remained the same — we still rely on visual signs and markers to communicate and express ourselves. Even in the digital era, drawing has remained an important method for conceptualising ideas. Practising and combining traditional and new media is a way to ensure illustration stays relevant and evolving.
Creating illustrations is being in a dialogue with the viewer, it is both receiving and expressing ideas in visuals. It is a way of finding metaphors in my visual vocabulary to create new places and spaces for others to see. The beauty of abstract compositions lies in their freedom of interpretation. Without the need to represent a particular object, shapes can convey any possible form of connection. In my works, I seek to create visual landscapes that the eye can travel. The further I go into abstraction the more space I open for exploration within the mind. Animations, drawings, websites — they are all platforms for connecting ideas, places for playful discovery, for experiencing a visual journey.