All perception is based on our minds’ ability to wander, discover and form ideas. It is through movement and senses that we can experience the space around us, and it is through maps and association that we can understand it as a whole. The spaces and places we define around us are the basis of our identity and relationships. Through travelling we employ and make new associations.
Travelling is not just movement, but heightened awareness of change outside and within me. It is an experience, a source of discovery and renewal, both in life and art. Change and motion alert my senses to outer stimuli and cause greater awareness of the place and moment I am in. Travelling and living abroad has changed my perception of who and where I am and my place in it all. It is a source of inspiration and experience I seek to recreate in my work as an artist.
Drawing is the basis for me to reveal concepts and ideas as visuals. It is also a key for communicating and understanding my personal experience. Drawing is a synthesis between active and inactive creation, intuition and thinking combined. It is both a memory and invention. Like travelling, art creates an awareness of the present moment. It is in constant change and renewal of itself, each work of art as a new experience.